INSPIRING INTENTIONS: Revolutionise & Craft Your Goals with compassion using EFT Tapping

Welcome to your personal MIND-BODY-ENERGY Experience!

  • 60min Private 1-1 Zoom Call PLUS...

  • TheJoyHut's Ultimate EFT Tapping Guidebook

  • 3-part Video Introduction to EFT Tapping

  • EFT Facebook Community

  • Bonus Resources AND

  • 30min Follow-Up Call to track your progress

What Other's Have To Say...

"Working with Angela lowered my resistance and expanded me so much! I am so grateful for our time together. My heart is more open than ever before & I'm learning soooo much! Thank you!"

- Suzanne Vesty, Victoria Australia

"I’ve now got the tools to feel more self – empowered and I highly recommend you to work with Angela if they want a kind and gently support on the way to taking actions, instead of automatically reacting out of stress. Invest the time, your money, effort and energy in yourself and get some help to work through what’s holding you back with Angela as your guide.

- Alex G, QLD Australia

"Thanks to Angela's unwavering support and expert guidance, I've experienced a complete transformation in all aspects of my life - from my career and relationships to setting healthy boundaries and, most importantly, cultivating self-love.

Ang is nothing short of an EFT and coaching guru!

- Maritza S, The Netherlands

Who is Angela Joy Johnson?

Founder of TheJoyHut

  • Want to craft a new blueprint that clearly shows you the steps you need to take that will inspire you toward your dreams?

  • Want to be true to yourself finally?!

  • Want to actually trust your path?

Create a more fulfilling quality of life a sense of self-permission to move forward within your power giving you the freedom to go after what you really want to spend your time & energy doing.

Angela is the transformative encourager. She celebrates the uniqueness that each person has and encourages them to follow their creative pursuits without feeling like they have to sacrifice their devotion to others that they really care about because they are also nurturers at heart. She works with those who question the status quo and make a difference by learning how to express who they really are, so they finally have a blueprint to follow that aligns with what lights them up so they can solidify their vision and be more confident to make decisions that suit them. When they do and once they shift into healthier emotional & psychological patterns, they gain focus & are able to blend their personal and professional life well, giving them more time in their day to do what they really love. Working with Angela involves getting to know the deepest parts of you and strategies that you can apply daily that support emotional well-being and change unhelpful thought patterns & habits.

Angela Joy Johnson

What you can expect:

Loving Guidance

  • I help you to structure your life the way you want

  • We target specific areas of your life that you want to change or improve

  • I guide you to follow steps that align with you & your priorities

Belief in YOU!

  • I believe in your ability to be 100% capable of being successful in your way

  • Commitment of 100% to your vision

  • I help to get you ‘unstuck’

  • You get accountability so you don't betray your deepest desires and self

Holistic Approach

  • Mindset

  • Energy Psychology

  • Emotional & Trauma release

  • Spiritual Alignment

  • Craft a program, based on your unique needs with safety & nurturing

No Judgment

  • We all have a past

  • Non-judgmental approach

  • No limits to what's possible for you

  • Full integrity and adherence to a professional codes of ethics